Whenever we walk or travel around on new routes, we always keep a note of the landmarks, mark points and sometimes even click pictures so that they can be inferred later when returning back. It becomes more embarrassing when we sometimes forget to locate our parked vehicle. We often wonder “Can’t we have a simple app which takes all the travel routes headache and keeps guiding us whenever needed?”

Pathfinder is a useful easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android, built by Paxcel Technologies to help you track, record and share your Routes making it easier to remember your way and trace your car parking location easily and guiding friends find their way quickly.

Download Path Finder App for Android Phones from Google Play Store Download Path Finder App for iOS from Apple App Store

Path Finder iOS and Android App Screenshot

Salient Features

Launch the app with a touch!

Displays Distance travelled along with Speed.

Saves the travelled routes for future use.

Works on both Driving and Walking Mode.

Share your Route with friends

Displays Google Path along with Saved Path


Enjoy improved app design, optimized features & new functionality. Simply Share your Path with friends via message, whatsapp, viber, google+ etc. With a simple Share Id, you can track Live path of your friend thereby reducing overhead of calls and the confusion while giving directions.

Sharing of Path in Path Finder App with one user at a time is free. The paid version of the app allows you to share and track live path with five users at a time for lifetime.